A Level English Literature

2023/2024 & 2024/2025


English Literature is well suited to those who enjoy reading a diverse range of texts, and then communicating their ideas and interpretations through their writing and class discussions.

If you are considering going on to Higher Education, the English Literature qualification provides a wide range of opportunities for degree courses in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The English Literature qualification is also welcomed for many different careers because it emphasises creativity, disciplined thought and communication, plus an ability to synthesise and contextualise ideas.

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Requirements for Study

Minimum APS:

  • 3 A Levels - 4.5
  • 2 A Levels & 1 Vocational - 4
  • 1 A Level   & 2 Vocational - 3.8

Subject Specific: 

  • 9 - 6 in English Literature


  • An enjoyment of reading.
  • An enjoyment of analysing language.
  • An ability to link texts to the world around us.
  • An enjoyment of writing essays about texts.


All exams are taken at the end of Year 13 (80% of the grade). There are also two NEA (coursework) essays to complete (20% of the grade).

  • Paper 1 = Elements of Crime Writing.
  • Paper 2 = Elements of Comedy.


  • English can lead to a wide range of future careers.
  • English Literature is considered to be a facilitating subject.
  • It is recognised as a particularly academic A Level.
  • It can lead to careers in: writing, teaching, lecturing, journalism, TV, media, law, internet advertising, public relations, advertising, and many more.


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