A Level Business

2023/2024 & 2024/2025


An exciting course that covers all aspects of the corporate world. Whether you’re interested in running your own business, or working within one, this course will provide you real-life insight into how our world works, including aspects of economics, finance, social media, current affairs and international relations.

You will study marketing, people management, finance, operations, strategy and decision making and international global growth, learning how to manage yourself and others, whilst developing your skill set to better prepare for the adult world.  The skills developed are relevant and transferable to all other subjects and career choices, covering mathematical reasoning and problem solving, to analysis, evaluation and justification of decisions.

Pearson A Level Business

Requirements for Study

Minimum APS:

  • 3 A Levels - 4.5
  • 2 A Levels & 1 Vocational - 4
  • 1 A Level   & 2 Vocational - 3.8

Subject Specific: 

  • 9 - 5 in Maths
  • 9 - 5 in English Language or English Literature


You will be assessed via 3 exams at the end of Year 13. Each paper is 2 hours long and assesses different themes (topic areas) but covers similar skills. Paper 3 will be in relation to a context provided in November of Year 13.


Entrepreneurship and running your own business

Corporate business management (any industry e.g Sport, Music, Fashion, Media, Travel and more)

  • Marketing (advertisement, media and social media, PR, branding, design, photography)
  • Finance (banking, economics, investing)
  • Operations (supply chain management, transport, logistics)
  • Human Resources (management, business administration, training, recruitment)


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